Products Offered

Next Day Access provides the following products:

  • Modular Aluminum Residential Wheelchair Ramps
  • Modular Aluminum Commercial Wheelchair Ramps
  • Porch Lifts (Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) )
  • Stair Lifts
  • Ceiling Lifts
  • Pool Lifts
  • Grab Bars
  • Bathroom Safety


This product serves the need of the individual living in a residential home or apartment by providing either temporary or permanent access in and out. The modular design allows it to be installed very quickly and can be used as a rental option where it will be removed at a later date, or left as a permanent fixture for the end user. Product options include standard mill finish up to fully powder coated with picket railing. Leads are generated through our national accounts and through local advertising. Next Day Access does NOT charge the franchisee for any leads in any of our lead programs. Our parent company has been in the industry for over 16 years and has national accounts that have been providing leads during this time very successfully. Those leads will become the Franchisee’s leads. Simply put, our experience and proven track record for leads are two excellent reasons to consider joining the Next Day Access Team.


This product serves the need of public buildings such as: court houses, libraries, churches, school buildings and more that require a barrier free access to them. The commercial product meets this need and is also a modular system similar to the residential system. You have the ability to install a commercial ramp system for temporary or permanent use.


This product is used in situations where there is not enough room for a modular ramp or the end user prefers the foot print of a lift over a ramp. The units can be installed over a concrete pad and connected to 110 electrical outlets. Front porches, back porches, and inside garages are very common locations. Both residential and commercial applications are available for this type of product.


This product is designed to help the individual get from one floor to the next over an existing stair run. The unit provides a smooth ride and is easily accessible for loading and off loading the user. This product is a standard stocked unit for straight stairways but is available as a custom item for 90-degree turn or curved stairways. This is a great product that will allow the end user to remain in their home, allowing them to access other living spaces that would normally be impossible because of the difficulty in navigating the stairs.


Ceiling lifts are a product that aid in safe patient handling by transferring them from a bed to a chair or bathroom, or from room to room. The product is available in a portable unit or permanently mounted to the ceilings of a home for safe and secure handling of a loved one.


Pool lifts became popular when the DOJ (Department of Justice) wrote into law as of May 24th, 2012, that public pools must be compliant with ADA access to the pool during operating hours. This has created a sales opportunity to call on your local public pools or facilities that have pools with access to the general public where a pool lift is required. Residential opportunities are also a source for sales to individuals wanting to remain as independent as possible, by creating access to their own pool.


Grab Bars are provided by Next Day Access for anywhere in the home that requires the need for “stability” by the end user.  Grab Bars have become more and more a necessity by those that have difficulty moving about in the home due to an injury or illness, or simply for those who need to feel safe within their own home without the aid of another person.


Next Day Access offers several products to help wtih bathroom safety.  Statistics show more falls occur in the bathroom than any other room in the home.  Walk in tubs, Tub cut outs, Roll in showers and more are available through the Next Day Access Franchise.