Why Choose Us


There is no substitute for experience.

As a potential franchisee you need to ask these questions:

  • Has the franchisor been in business for several years? 
  • Do they manufacture any of the products you are to sell? 
  • Does the franchisor have a history of delivering quality products at a competitive price? 

Next Day Access and it's manufacturing affiliate American Access can answer all of these questions with a solid YES.

With over 17 years of serving America's seniors, we have the knowledge to share that will make building your business easier. And these years have taught us a lot about solving a customer's accessiblity problems, such as how to:

  • advertise to these customers, 
  • bring to market the products our aging seniors want, and 
  • build a quality product.  

All of these lessons learned are passed on to our franchisees. You’ll do better, because we’ve “learned better”. 

Partnership Support Purchased 1

Comprehensive Support:

Lots of franchisors promise "unequaled support", "dedicated support" or "unparalleled support", and hopefully some of them might just live up to the task. At Next Day Access, what we deliver is “Comprehensive Support”  that starts with your training at Next Day Access University, and doesn't end when you leave.  We have your back with:

  • field support in your market, 
  • a national call center,
  • a national lead generator program, 
  • a professional web page, and 
  • National Accounts already established.  

We have one more unique item: experienced franchising executives that know the importance of delivering on a promise, and know a happy franchisee is a profitable franchisee.

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