Where does Next Day Access Fit In?

American Access, the parent company which manufactures and sells an aluminum modular ramp across the country, has been taking care of its national accounts by servicing people in need throughout the United States through a network program designed in 2001. The network program served the immediate need but lacked the ability to nationally GROW the markets at a local level. What was needed were "mini" American Access stores and employees all across the country to better serve the National Accounts and to begin to grow the local markets.

Many ideas on how to accomplish this were drawn up, redrawn, tossed around, and then trashed. But one idea remained in the mix for over two years before it made headway. That idea was to take the business model American Access had and create a Franchise opportunity based on the success American Access had seen over the years.

The concept was to be in locations across the country with several everyday items stocked locally that would help change the lives of those searching to create an accessible home for themselves or a loved one. 

Next Day Access answers that call. Each Franchise carries a minimum amount of wheelchair ramps on hand along with items such as standard stair lifts, standard sized grab bars, and a standard portable ceiling track or patient lift unit. The trained professional Franchise owner now is equipped to help those that need the items on a local level and has the ability to deliver accessibility, in a day.

Next Day Access is currently working with the following companies listed above:

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