Colorado Springs, CO

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The Colorado Springs Franchise is open and ready to serve you and your community.  This Franchise is owned by David Beiner.

David Beiner is passionate about helping the people of Colorado with all their home accessibility needs.

David says, “I really love my job! I live in a magnificent state and get to spend my days helping people. Yes, it is sometimes dirty and grueling doing some of the installations, but seeing the smiles that my hard work creates is always worth the effort and sweat. It keeps me coming back for more!”

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Interesting facts about Colorado Springs, CO

When Tesla was testing his famous coil, he produced lightning bolts over 100 feet long that could be seen as far away as Cripple Creek. Then he knocked out the town's main power generator, leaving everyone in Colorado Springs without electricity for an entire week.

Colorado City, founded in 1859, was the first settlement in the Pike's Peak region, and it even had a brief stint as the capital of the Colorado Territory, from 1861 to 1862.

Colorado Springs does have a pretty dry climate which means summers are, for the most part, blissfully bug-free, but this is balanced out by the fact that with one careless flick of a cigarette you may find yourself starting the next big wildfire.

The Cheyenne Mountain command center features in the movies “War Games,” “The Terminator,” “Independence Day,” and “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.