Next Day Access continues to bring innovation to their in-house products and to deliver new products proven to be successful to their franchisee creating opportunities.

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How do I get started?

Here are five simple steps to becoming a Next Day Access Franchisee.


Complete the online application, after we receive it we will be back in touch and set up a primary phone call to answer any of your questions. We will also provide you with some needed insights to our industry and the opportunity to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document.


After you have had time to review our Franchise Disclosure Document, making sure you mark any items needing more clarification as you do, we will set up another phone call.


An important part of buying any franchise is “Due Diligence”. This is where you take a look at local competition, investigate who medical service providers recommend for your products, and spend some time on the web.


Step four is our “Discovery Day” invitation where you visit our home office in Bartlett Tennessee and have an opportunity to see the “back office” that will support your franchise. If time permits we will visit the factory for a tour. After this visit if we both feel that a Next Day Access franchise is a good fit we will arrange to have the franchise document prepared.


We will prepare the franchise documents and overnight them to you where you will sign and return to us. Once we have received the signed franchise documents, we will mail to you the Franchise Owners Manual, your copy of the signed franchise agreement and set up training at Next Day University.

We don’t rush this process at Next Day Access, both parties must make sure that they are committed to the success of the other, and sometimes that just takes a while to be comfortable. However, once you start step 2 you should be diligent about completing each step responsibly and not let the project sit waiting.